Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Esso station.

In this journey I have been on I have had the pleasure to meet wonderful people who have suffered.

Disease, death, debt, mental illness, all kinds of shitty thing...

Anybody who has experiences
( t-shirts as i Call them- I got the t-shirt, is what I say....)

So anyone who's got the tshirt, realises that life is to short, certain things don't matter, don't sweat the small stuff is understated._
This last week I met a wonderful woman in a gas station who told me she reads the blog, knows my family and called me a mangina.... Its a joke from the girls in my family...

Robin in my office cleaned hiltons desk up, put all his belonging in my office, I ask her to do this and as fate would happen I walk in to the office when it was happening,.... I walk out of the office.

Had lunch with my sister, she gives me a good feeling inside my soul

Then had a big finish with my therapist....... Dave is helping through all this shit,

Dealing with loss this last year,
I have lost so much more then my son, and I'm not looking for a pitty party,
But holly fuck......

I'm looking for good things now, and I remember the bad, holding on to the bad to ensure that I don't repeat mistakes and learn,

Take stock parents: if you have kids call them, hug them love them, because tomorrow they could be gone.

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