Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I went into kenmark shop this week,

Mark came up to me a young goodlooking mnan about 22  , I have seen him before,
And he was apprehensive about approaching me
Mark said:
"Can I tell you a story?" ....

I leaned on the counter and said yes with a cocked eye brow,

He said'

"I have seen you in the store a few time.. And I just didn't know how to come to you... And tell you..

A week maybe 10 days  ago I had a dream about Hilton....

( My eyes widened, )

He held his hand up and said its all good.... ( I guess I look worried)
Mark continued quietly,

I was dreaming about travelling in a car it was over crowd but the only person I could see was hilton...

He was happy and said he missed everyone
He was drinking coffee...

Then we were at a fountain, a large water fountain, and it was beautiful big water fountain sitting in the front of it

I ask hilton what was going on?....

Hilton replied, sipping his coffee,

I'm  really good, I just miss everyone, and I'm only aloud to come her e a few times so... It hard but I really good,
...... I miss everyone a lot...

Then mark look up from the counter, through his glasses and said..

Then hilton just walk away the dream just ended....

It was so vivid......,

I'm so sorry I was not as his funeral,

I really like hilton...

My mom died in july, and I dreamed about her to..

"Mark"  I said: " how old was your mom"....???

( You can see mark is a young man maybe 22)
Mark replied slowely :

" She was 51 .....breast cancer"

Did ya get a chance to say good by I replied slowly

Mark said yep...

I said sweet,

Then a customer un knowing of our emotional deep conversation approached mark  and ask about some sock .....
( Boom back to reality)

I ran away.. To the back of the store and home....

In tears....
Because I wish I could have that dream.....

Thank you...

Hilti, I hope your ok,

I love you


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