Monday, December 6, 2010

Freemont academy ( fellow student, sending photos and a little note)

This is what I'm talking about, a story or a memory
Thanks from the family


Hi there!

I'm not too sure how to go about writing this email...I guess I should
start by telling you who I am; my name is Francey and I went to
Freemont with Hilton a while ago. I've read your blog almost everyday
and although Hilton and I weren't BFF's or anything, its still
heartbreaking and distressing to think that he's gone forever. I
constantly read the blog and I know that you like hearing stories from
people about how Hilton effected peoples lives. I'll admit I don't
have any specific stories, but I DO have pictures and I just wanted to
let you know that even in small ways, Hilton touched my life. I only
knew him in grade 9, but I specifically remember he was very funny! I
would be walking by his classes and constantly hear laughter and
joking. He always seemed to have a smile on his face! I remember we
saw each other on the way to school and walked together and although I
don't exactly remember what he said, I distinctly remember the whole
walk we were just laughing! He really was an amazing guy, and I feel
downright lucky to have known him, even for just a short time! I have
attached some old pictures that were taken at Freemont (one is from
halloween and is kinda funny).

Have a great day!


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