Sunday, December 26, 2010

Half way through Christmas holiday.

Kellie is ok, just sore,
She really scared us the other  night, getting home at 3:30 in the morning....

Kats home from being with her mom....

I have made "stuffing" on my own , no hilton the world best chopper, and prepped veggies with kellie, for tomorrow feast,

In all honest.. Christmas day is more about hiltons hand in the pot rather then chopping... Be he loved to. Hang out with me in the kitchen.

We do our big dinner tomorrow on boxing day, always have, .. It was just easier then christmas day, for the kids moms, everyone grandmas. Nieces...

We have 15 people coming and it should be fun.

Our big gift opening was good, ya know the big rip, no one discussed Hilton, it was like we were all avoiding the Obvious
And it was fun...

At 7:30pm

Georg and I took kellies truck and went to town park for a skate under the lights, great fun, and I loved being with her.

Go home hung our stuff next to the fire,

Walk into the kitchen.
 Kat hug me and I said ......" You having a bad day... She replied quietly.....ever day is a bad day.....

(that about sums it up eh)
Dannys wife , love her sends me a text so we can mutually find out how each other is doing and coping.

At the end of christmas day 2010 I'm not poetic, there is no drama, I'm  tired and its done, thank god its done.....not as bad as I thought , worse then I could ever expect.

Kat and georg chatted about hilton and all the stuff they're  going through, christmas  night 10:30pm ended  with kellie, georg, peaches and me all wedged in my bed passed out , tv still on... Everone snoring...

So I got up and went into kats room and she look like she is ok, a sleep

 so I climbed back in to my corner of my bed and fell asleep.........

Merry christmas HILTON..

I love you buddy....

If you were here
I would say.... And every body reading this blog at this point would say with me

God bless
Sweet dreams
Don't let the bed bugs bite...

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