Wednesday, December 29, 2010

From katie byrne Hiltons cousin

A memory

After my Dads second wedding, all the cousins including myself and Hilton got driven home in a limosine. The driver went all out and even put the partition up...which was a bad idea considering the vivid imagination of the Byrne family, combined with Mine and Hiltons sense of humour. Once the partition had been raised we told everyone that it was because the driver was going to release a gas that would kill us or knock us out. We laughed and Kat, Alex, Jess, and Sydney proceeded to bawl loudly all the way home.

Hilton was a good friend to me, on top of being my cousin. It was nice to have somebody who was on the same level as you to chat with during family functions or outings. Hilton and I were just starting to become buddies, and I am so sad that that got cut short and that we couldnt have shared more time together. Im sorry we never got those drinks, or took those motorcycle lessons. But I am glad we had time to talk, call alex idiot, pick stawberries, and visit Nana, Len and GG at rice lake. I cant believe youre gone Hilti, its really not fair, and those are thoughts that will repeat in my mind probably forever. There was so much about Hilton you instictively loved.

The full body laugh, his sense of humour and his company are things that cannot be replaced, ever. Since his passing it has been so hard to adjust. The displacement i feel in the family will not be easily remedied. It is absolutely exhausting when there is so much change in your life that you can feel it down to your core, in your bones, in the steps you take everyday. But thats not something you can just sleep off. Every jeep you see, every stadia truck, every beatles song you hear, every ill humoured book, and especially any longboarder you see reminds you of everything about our Hilton. It hurts so much knowing that it cant be anything more than a memory, no matter how much you cry, want or hope.

That said, i know that any pain i feel will only resonate into a stronger memory. Hilton is somebody who has to be celebrated, he was too full of life not to be. We have to remember the good times, the funny times, and even the bad times, because those moments are what made Hilton into the person he became. And lets face it, he was a great person.

We all love you Hilton
and there is no way you will ever be forgotten

Love Katie

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