Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Julie thinks hilti didn't drive that well...

Or maybe Tim

I remember when Kaity and I flew back from Nova Scotia one summer, you picked us
up at the airport. Our parents were driving back and wouldn't arrive until the
next day. For some reason I remember some really odd music on your stereo (the
wizard of oz soundtrack comes to mind, but I think that's wrong). You drove
like a madman...trying to be funny and get home fast all at once.

We slept on the floor of Georga's room (I remember you had it painted by this must have been the summer before she was born). In the morning
when we woke up, I wandered downstairs and Kat and Hilt found me. They took me
down to the basement to meet KiKi (Cieran)...they introduced us by jumping on
him as he slept and tickling him till he woke up.


This past summer when Hilton and I went out to dinner, he drove us in his Jeep.
The doors were off and as we zoomed in and out of other cars on the road, I
remember thinking "Oh god! He drives like Tim!"

Julie Stephenson


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  1. hahahahah this story made me laugh because driving in the back seat of his Jeep was the scariest experience! I'm not sure if it was his driving or the Jeep but I held on to the bars as tightly as I could yelling at him to be careful.

    The best memories of Hilton are in his Jeep or in the smart car when we would bicker like siblings with Natalie in the passenger seat yelling at us to shut up