Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dear hilton

( Written around. Day 16)

I want you to know as we travel this journey together how much I love you and support what you are doing.

God will take care of us and give us the power of positive energy.

The "you" we love and remember will never be forgotten.

You loved snow boarding

You loved long boarding

You loved guitar

You loved Cooking with me

You loved your stupid jeep

You loved having your head rubbed

You loved going to the markham fair

You loved working at stadia.

He loved the song phoenix

He loved BC,

He loved being with me alone...

He loved sitting in bed with kat and me just talking... Shooting the shit...

He loved all music...

He had a great ego... He loved him self

He loved smoking a good joint

He loved kat, AL, katie and georg

he loved having my back

He loved being pissed off

He love warm days and deep snow

He loved outdoor bbq's at mt st. Louis sunny warm...

He Love doing a whole day of food prep just the day prior to thanksgiving


Good bless sweet dreams
Fuck me ......

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