Sunday, October 31, 2010

From the Shaw of barrie

I too have no idea how to post on a blog.

To all of you, I have no words that can express how sorry we are to have lost hilton.

My favorite memory of Hilton is actually of him, retelling his favorite memory, of Kellies arrival in BC to visit him when he was going to school there, and her opening up her suitcase only to reveal the 'awesome' smell of fresh baked goods, most especially the peanut butter cookies.

I can tell you that he told me this story more than once, and the look of rapture that would come over his face, like he could taste those cookies everytime he told it, made the story all the more enjoyable to hear.

I will miss him flying in the parking lot at work and parking really close to my car, because he knew it drove me crazy, and most of all, how he excited he would get if included in the morning coffee run! 'Sweet!' and 'Your the best Jenn!'

I have always envied his having found his passion in his longboarding - how many of us can say we found our passion and followed it.and

Love and hugs to each one of you,

Jennifer Shaw

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  1. His Gramma bakes those cookies for them (Hilton & Kat) along with her famous banana bread.

    Hilton loved her banana bread