Sunday, October 31, 2010

Much love Hiltie, I'll miss you Bro.

Well friends...

When I first learned of Hilton's accident my feelings were spread all over the place and I tried to write something for so long and I think that hope that I'd just be able to slap Hiltie on the back, call him a damned fool and then hug my friend again kept me from sending my thoughts.

As someone who knew Hilton, despite not being in frequent contact over the last few years I knew how passionate an individual Hilton could be about anything that struck his fancy, I was torn between hope and wonder for his future in longboarding. I knew how passionate he was when he first started to learn to play guitar and I remembered fondly the first time he and I sat down in his room and he showed me the giant book of guitar songs Tim had bought for him as he asked me to show him a few chords on the ONE song I had any idea how to play in the book. That may have been because Tim had promised him a Les Paul (I believe) if he could learn every single note in the book, but I think there was more to it. He was so eager to learn to shred because he was just fascinated by the instrument and he asked me to point him in the direction of the "best guitarists I knew of" so that he could increase his passion and dedication to the craft. I'm sure he was no different with Longboarding. I know he loved to shred the strings and I know he tore up the streets with the best of you.

As a life long friend of the family I felt incredible sadness for Tim, Kel, Penny, Kat, Georgi & Natalie because I knew that regardless of the outcome it was going to be a long and troublesome road ahead. I have so many vivid memories with Hiltie and his family. Camping up North in Arrowhead Park (I still return there whenever I can)... One of the first Toronto Raptors games and having the guys sitting near us who won the fan package give both Hilton and I a trinket by which to remember our first experience with the NBA... being in the Aurora Santa Claus Parade together... barbecues at the Byrne Residence... I love you all and my heart and thoughts are with you in this troubling and confusing time.

As someone who shared some of my best childhood and mid-teen memories with Hilton I'm just overwhelmed by the positivity and support the family and friends of Hilton have received from the Longboarding community and from all over the place. It warms me to know that despite all the terrible things that can happen on both large and small scale all over the world the extent of human compassion can be stronger than ever. I skateboard, and while the extent of my boarding is limited to it being a rad and exciting means of transportation I can't help but wish maybe I had've taken a stab at Longboarding to spend some last moments with my buddy doing what he loved most.

The last time I saw Hilton he had just returned from out West and had plenty of exciting stories to share with me, and I'm glad I was able to just listen to him talk, because at least I have a solid and memorable last experience with him.

Much love Hiltie, I'll miss you Bro.



On a more personal note Tim, aside from what I prepared for the blog...
You are a strong, passionate and amazing person.
If there is anything I can do to help champion The "Two Fingers" safety initiative on a micro or macro level you just let me know. I'm ready and eager to do anything I can.
You've got my support, and my thoughts friend.


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