Sunday, October 31, 2010

From moms book of stories

For the blog:
I am sitting here responding to at least a 100 emails. All in regards to Hilton and his wonderful life.

I have read each and every word written about him on the blog, the Ontario Long boarders site and several others I found.
Hilton was a brilliant kid who could figure out any thing technical. He used to find it stupidly funny to take my phone or now blackberry and change the setting. All of them the screen saver, the time and best of all he would switch the language into either Spanish or Chinese. I would then have to go find anyone who spoke that language to switch it back. He would laugh until he cried as I screamed and laughed out loud "how do I answer the phone". Hilton would always say "Mom your such a nerd. Give me the BB. I can that thing sing"

I love you Hilton for the smart, funny, extraordinary man you became.

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