Wednesday, October 27, 2010

In with hilton

And we wait,

He is sedated again

His haemoglobin is stable

His white blood cell count is high at 15.9

he had NO LOC overnight or this morning

But the nurse told me that he had two huge mucus plugs come up... Luggies. Yum..
the had to get them out and they said this was a traumatic experience so we are not to touch him for a few hours to let him rest....
His vital signs are smoking , he is calm.....

So am I..... Actually I'm tired...

I like being here with out anybody around...its nice

Our nurse today is temp, with 15 years experience... Gave me the " this is the way I work " speach..... Little does she know...

Meet with doctor today..

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  1. I'm sure you'll fill her in on the way you work, or she'll find out soon enough :) Praying for a positive meeting with the docs