Sunday, October 31, 2010

From Chris Mahon

Tim here is something I wrote tonight. Its been a very sad day.

Stay strong through these difficult times. I feel very lost for words.

Love, thoughts, and prayers.
Hilton Byrne

Hilton you were an awesome dude and will never be forgotten. Today was a day where I did a lot of crying, thinking, and remembering moments of the past. Playing through my head were moments with my friend Hilton.

Hilton was a huge part of my entrance into the longboarding community. Receiving my first board in Christmas of 2007, the search began for people nearby to teach me this new and awesome sport. And when you aren't in the city, if you don't have a car commuting can take hours! And so began a brand new relationship, with a small bunch of skaters from the cities above Toronto; among the smiles was Hilton Byrne.

Hilton brought so many fond memories to the group! He loved new gear and always had something new to show off! Jefferson Forrest was the area we all learned to ride, it had a little bit of everything. Dashing lefts to rights at the pins; steep and tight at duck drop; and long and windy around the street. Hilton would ride everything and never even shy away while injured. He once came back from B.C. with a huge smile on his face, conquering the epic Giants Head and wearing a set of wheels to the plastic core. Sessions always finished with a circle and game of hacky sack; raving how awesome our time together was and realizing that our ass' were sore.

The yellow SMART car is such an indulgent recollection. It was impossible to miss, and you knew it had to be Hilton! No one would believe how many things you can fit in one of these tiny cars! Skateboards to the roof, soda bottles and water bottles roaming the floors, and safety gear a mess. I've been in that car while comfortably on the seat, and Albert wedged in the middle; a wet and rainy day, but that didn't stop Hilton.

Hilton was such a strong and independent person, never scared to say what was on his mind. He was the man to call if you wanted to skate, but it was very last minute. We tried to learn to ride regular skateboards... looking like goofs being dressed for battle at the skate park. He stood out from the crowd and that is the reason everyone knew him and loved him.

It isn't fair that such a fantastic person has left us. Hilton you are awesome, and I can't wait to shred with you. You will never leave my heart, my thoughts, or my prayers. You are gone and "I'm just not a fan".

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