Saturday, October 30, 2010

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  1. This is Kaity, I grew up across the street from Hilton. Right now Im at the house and its really weird remembering Christmas's and Thanksgivings with him here. Right now I look at the fireplace and I can remember him sitting there at Christmas or another holiday and talking about BC and how much he loved boarding there.

    I remember when we, julie, david, sarah, kat, andrea and hilton used to play in our backyards...and we used to love to tease eachother...especially hilton becuz he used to get upset and take things personally (it's ok i did too) oh and we used to play snow wars and driving games OH and the quiet game!!! that was the best we would sit in the tree in the thomases backyard - before the treehouse was built - and we couldnt all fit or something like that...and hilton would always have a cough when he was little and thats why we would play the quiet game - first person to make a noise couldnt sit in the tree - he would always try noT to cough...but could never help it - then hed say no it was a cough it doesnt count but then he had talked so wed say he was out....hed get so upset...and his hair had a pouf in the back when he walked....see he was fun to make fun of because hed get soooo mad....then when we got older hilton started hanging out with julie....they even dated....AND I KNOW FOR A FACT HE SAID I LOVE YOU THAT TIME IN THE DRIVEWAY...he was like 10 and he told my sister he loved her and when we asked what he said he said nothing and left...and then that time i drove him to work and he spilled the beans about some stuff he was doing....cry for help i think cuz he was a good kid....and the smart car....i got weed from hilton in the smart car...

    he was a really good kid....i knew him for a long time....

    i remember when he came into greenhams to get some shirts and my dad wasnt there so i helped him try on a few shirts and we mostly talked about him and kenmark and boarding..thing is is he was great to have a conversation with...just like his dad, REAllY smart and really animated when y0ou talk to him....and we both liked selling...i talked about selling at the store and he talked about selling at kenmark....he loved kenmark...

    and i saw him a week or two before thanksgiving...ran into him at the TD bank tim had given him the day or maybe just afternoon off work and he was at the bank then heading downtown...

    we talked for least a half hour...
    we talked mostly about his da and working at stadia....he loved it, loved working with tim...we talked about the new house...and the dogs and we even talked about julie and how they had missed a chance to hang out recently...then he told me his future plans which were to buy a house in a few years and get rid of the jeep and buy a truck....i think he would have done it too...

    i feel like hilton got it in the past few years...understood that you cant be afraid of things and you have to live....really live...and i think he did...everyday with the boarding and long boarding....i think he was happy....

    if only he knew how much everyone loved him....

  2. Tim and family,

    I shocked and devastated about what happened. As you might know Chris and I paid a visit to St. Mikes on Friday but no one was in to see us.

    I'm truly sorry that I never got to meet with you guys earlier.

    Hilton was a big part of the longboard scene in Toronto, but an even bigger part of the scene in York, what's happened has really hit home with us.

    We are a small group, very close knit, and loosing Hilton is like loosing family, nine times out of ten, if we were skating, Hilton would be there.

    I remember all the times we skated, I remember all the times we went out searching for new places to ride, I remember all the times he's offered to drive my sorry butt around, and there was never a glimmer of doubt in his eyes that he was more than willing to do it.

    I've shared some of the best days of my life with Hilton, and for that I'm truly grateful.

    We will miss his smart car, we will miss his jeep, we will miss his stoke, we will miss him.

    Every time my wheels touch the ground they will be in your honour Hilton.

    I would still love to meet all that are close to him and just share memories of all the good times. If there's ever anything I can do for you guys please don't hesitate to contact me.

    Love, peace, and respect,
    - Albert.

  3. When I read the news, I wrote this post.

    My deepest condolences. I wish you strength in the days to come.