Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Let me answer some questions

Hey, hilton... I know buddy ... You would tell everyone to figure it out themselves... But dad is running this until you wake up... So here is the over all Q&A.... Yes hilton,,, I know shut up buddy....
Q:What happened
A: hilton my son was long boarding at high speed and slid in to on coming traffic and made impact with a motorcycle going the opposite direction ( no one else was hospitalised)
Q) how is hilton:
A)he is stable condition in ICU- on life support.
Q) what injuries does he have:
A) spleen, liver, kidney and brain damage

Q) any complications:
A) fever, sinus infection, coma ( but coma is good for the brain bad for parents)
And enough infection that we can't figure out. / pneumonia
Q) visitors?:
A) limited to family seeing hilton. But we love having people down for a hug watch the blog cause every once and a while we ask for a break... No junk food.. Ok a little chocolate or kat would like a box of mike and ikes
Q: when will he get out of ICU
A) ????

Q) what can you do
A) pray, give positive energy send a photo of two finger to show support for hilton and solidarity in long boarder DOT regulated helmets....get a sticker but a t-shirt all money goes, not part all money will go to buying helmets

Q)why a public blog.
A) cause I need to tell so many people this was the easy way, hilton need as much energy as possible, his family wants to be surrounded by love and good thought, we struggle to find good right now... And the pictures and love and prayers make us strong in return we: I bring that huge fucking strength to my son. I pour it on him, I read comments, I show him pics... I let him know that he can't give up because thousands and thousand of people are watching....
And its a diary of the events... So I can remeber ever moment... Because I never want to forget it....
Q) what are the working on now today this hour... And in the ICU each hour is stand alone... So as I type this, hilton health mandate will change again...

A) waking him up and find the source of this flu he has.... Kick down his fever.


I'm working my way back downtown with my other baby KAt, she is 17 and not a baby....

We bought some food for camp hilton , went to my office for a shit show, stan and I spoke today at my office as he cried. With tears dripping down his face he told me his struggle with his balanced universe and there must be a reason for this why, god... Why....

I'm so pissed off, I'm so angry... God dammit.... Why

I had to leave my office , my skin is so dry and tight from the tears... I love hilton so much.... Its just not fucking right... There is something wrong with this god... Show me the fucking way... Please


  1. Hugs to everyone at Camp Hilton

    I can understand your cry to God. "why?"...I've cried that out myself many times throughout my life. What I have learned is the "why" sometimes doesn't become clear for a long time. I've also learned that we can't negotiate with God, He can see the whole picture and we can't. There is a purpose, for everything. We may not understand it, or even like it. But. There is always a purpose. I personally believe that.

    I used to be angry with God, about some of the horrible, horrible things that have happened in my life. Through the years I've realised, when I cried (not just tears, but gut wrenching sobs of pure pain), He was there. Holding onto me. In pain because His child was. The one phrase that I remember hearing in my head, after we lost my sister, was "Be still and now that I am God". As I reflected on it and just let it run through my head, I felt...almost a sense of peace. I still do not know the "why" of why He took that little baby home, perhaps I never will. But that's all right now.

    Stay strong Camp Hilton.

    You may never know the "why". It's ok to be angry with God, He can take it. Just...don't stay angry forever. He does love you, all of you, more then you could ever imagine. Many things in this life and this world that seem to make no sense, that aren't "right" as we try to make sense of things with our limited human understanding. All I know for sure is God is in heaven, and for everything there is a purpose, even when we aren't sure what it is.

    I will now add to my prayers, not just for Hilton's healing, but also for all of Camp Hilton. That that no matter what happens you all have the strength to face what lies ahead, that you will feel the love of the Father, and finally, for peace in your hearts.

    (I truly hope I haven't offended anyone and that I've said what I meant to, how I meant to, it's hard to type with tears in your eyes)

  2. Beautifully said Brianne- obviously came from your heart.
    In my kitchen right now, I have a chalk board and guess what I wrote on it last week?
    "Be still and know that I am God"
    I also have had moments in life when this scripture was about the only thing that calmed me. I also have a poem on my fridge, and it is about a tapestry. The tapestry looks like a bunch of knots and tangles on one side. It is not until you get to turn it over that you get to see the beautiful picture that has been created out of all that mess.
    We can't make sense of the mess sometimes, but I believe God always knows how the "good" side is going to look. God isn't responsible for everything that happens and maybe cannot always intervene, but he is always there for us. If you consider what he went through with his own son, you know that he understands how everyone is feeling. God bless everybody and stay positive! Julie Wood

  3. I just picked up a dot approved helmet, and I hope more longboarders will do the same