Sunday, October 31, 2010

From catherine , one tough lady...

Catherine & Emily Sine
Our hearts are with you

After 2 years at Stadia I saw Hilton grow into a solid young man

The first year..well, he and I butt heads.and often.

I was stubborn he was more so. I told him if he was following in his dads shoes..while he had big shoes to fill. He had 25 years of wisdom yet to experience. The second year he found his "groove" he grew 8" and grew into is skin. And seemed happier. He had a strong business sense and understood we where a Stadia team. Trying to achieve the same goals. He was a good guy.

I won't forget that Just the Thursday prior to Thanksgiving I ran out of gas in my new Stadia car on the ramp off the highway and in the pouring rain.

It was almost rush hour. I called the office and Tim answered my call for help. After calling me a" looser" with love and affection and laughing he said help was on its way. I was really really scared. Cars where coming up behind me, blaring their horns, quickly switching lanes even though my flashers where on. I was so scared I was going to be hit from behind I abandoned the car and stood on the ramp in the pouring rain. My phone rang... It was Hilton. He said he was on his way.. I think he could since I was upset.. He said don't worry I will be there in 4 minutes I see you ahead.

He jumped out of his Jeep, put his flashers on and just calmly put gas in my car. There where cars zooming pass him just inches from his butt. He stood very calming filling my car. I stood on the sidelines like a drowned Cat. He ran over and got me and we dodged the cars and he got me back in my car. I said Hilton " Thank you sooooo much". He did the Hilton trade mark shrug of the shoulders and said yep!!!
He said my dad blasted over the PA system you ran out of gas!!! LOL
He laughed... He said but don't' feel bad, my dad runs out a gas a few times a month.

Next day when I saw him at the office I told him how grateful I was of his rescue and that I owed him BIG TIME.

He said "I KNOW"...
Thank you HILTI

For you,

GOD looked around his garden and he found an empty place

He then looked down upon this earth and saw Hiltons tired face

He put his arms around him and lifted him to rest

God's Garden must be beautiful, he only takes the best

He knew that Hilton was suffering, he knew he was in pain

He knew that he would never be happy with his life on earth again

He saw that the road was getting rough and the hills were hard to climb

So he closed his weary eyes and whispered

It broke our hearts to lose you Hilton but you didn't go alone.

For parts of all of us went with you...the day God called you home

It is something we just can not grasp to loose you... As we see life in black and white. But I believe Hilton legacy will carry on with a ripple effect in so many ways.

He was put on this earth to teach us many many things . In just the past 20 days I have seen life and love and friends through different eyes .

Tim and family you are all so are inspirational.
Tim, Kellie, Kat and Georga, I know that you know the path. Hilton has shown you the way....You felt as though you where carrying him and now he will carry you!

Catherine and Emily Sine
Catherine Sine, Sales

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