Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Jaylene 2 fingers for Hilton.jpg

For those that don't know hilton works for a company called stadia, and all the trucks are pink... Ok...I work for the company to... And theses photos are from leeann, and her family leeanns dad and I have work together for 23- omg 24 years........

Just a little photo shoot for Hilton..The girls thought they would spell out his name in the leaves. Very creative of them! We all want you to know how much we love youand are thinking and praying for you every waking hour.I cant imagine the struggle your going thru and Im sending all my strength and positive energy your way. I have made a bunch of food tonite for all of you staying there. I know its been rough the past few days. I dont expect you to come down to the main lobby so I will ask a nurse from your floor to come down and pick it up for you. Wed around 330 or 4ish. I will pack it with ice packs and I was hoping you had a method to keep it cold(access to a fridge?) Its a comfort food menu...with HEALTHY stuff ( mostly for Penny) A lovely spring mix salad with tomato, cucumber, red and yellow pepper, rasberries and sunflower seeds. 3 types of dressings..Wraps, grainy breads and MY FAMOUS>>Tuna salad, chopped Ham salad, Chicken salad and egg salad....2 diferent kinds of Healthy juices as well. I know , as I said, your going thru hell, We only want to give you a little something to help you through..for strength. The day the photos were taken Eugene was really bad, and little Murray wouldnt leave his side, cuddled with him all day.He told me to tell you he gives 2 fingers too..xo.. I will txt your phone wed for directions and floor info to give them at the lobby. Take care of each other, Leeann

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