Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Hi Tim and gang,

Here are 50+ fingers for Hilton. I (front row far left), knew Hilton from UBCO. I had my pharmacy frat give him the finger(s) and send him support. When I first met Hilton it was shortly after he had gotten a giant scratch on his arm from long boarding so we used to joke his middle name was "danger". So Hilton "Danger" Byrne I hope you can feel all the support coming all the way from Vancouver.

Melissa Machial
A friend from BC.

P.S. When Hilton headed back to Ontario, he couldn't wait to go boarding with you, Georga and Kat (he always bragged about how awesome Georga was at snow boarding despite only being 8 or 9). He loves snowboarding trips with the family.

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