Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day 2 48 hours or is it day 3

There are two photos attached.

I have never cried so much in my life. Then I have in the last 48 hours...

8pm oct 12

I came in to the room with nat, his girl friend with the nurse and doctor,already by his side....

They were screaming his name, asking for him to hold up 2 fingers,

I came in and got beside him an yield his name

GIVE ME TWO fingers... I tapped his chest hard...

He lifted his head
Opened his eyes
And a Single tear dropped from the corner of his left eye, his eyes meet mine for one minute.... He held up 2 finger. Crushed his hand into mine,
I told him I loved him....

And he was in so much trouble.....

His tear and look at me was the best thing I have seen inm 30 hours..

9:15 pm

Here we go again
Tapping his chest.... But he looked at us but did not respond... Held our hands but did not give us two fingers..

The nurse said.... Sometimes these things come slow....

She told us to go home

My home is the cambridge suite,

My mom hiltons grandmother is with me ( god I love her)


I'm in the room, waiting for josef my IT dude and friend to launch hiltons wed site

This site where its all going to begin

Everyone go look its where I'm gonna load up stuff and photos...

Oct 13 4am:
I called into his room/ nurse cause they won't let me in, ( the social worker says that's good, restricted visiting hours means he is stable.

Gloria the nurse at 4am said he is ok, ( I hate only ok)

He has not moved since last night... I getting worried.

My mom, natalie and I lay in my bed on the 16 th floor all crying....
( His kidney are bleeding again)
They say he is ok and It will correct its self
We are going to drive to aurora and have breakfest with my daughter and hiltons sister ( kat 17- georga 9) and be back to St. Mike's ....

The emotional outbreaks are draining,

everyone says get sleep, the challenge is when its your child , and your waiting for him to wake up.... Sleep is not on your mind....just waiting for a phone to ring... Waiting...
At hotel: waiting for 11am?

So we can see him,
I'm with penny, natalie Kat
Kellie is on her way...behind us..
We have had a lot of text and emails: the kids are on face book like made( so I'm told)


My concern is next week, I don't want all this positive energy to be lost... We need more support then every.....


  1. Tim, Kelly and family..

    One of those wholly shit monments for Hilton, when the air bag didn't deploy on his skateboard, holy shit " no air bags"..

    Hilton is a Bryne and strong in body, mind and character..

    Keep fighting 2 fingers we're all pulling for you..

    " If your going the HELL, keep on going.."

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you..

    Peter and Gwen

  2. Tim, Lots of love and positive energy to you, Hilton and family. I have been following your blog from day one... many times a day. My heart goes out to you. Two finger salute. Lola