Friday, October 22, 2010


I have given you a rare opportunity to see what goes through a parents mind soul and body, no one should have to live this.

This blog , the 20,000 hits, the comments, the family and friends that have shown up... Is a testament of the human spirit.
The power we have to come together and fight.
I have woken up every hour over night, I have a little heart burn, I'm tired, and my mind won't shut down

It spins and spins... My mind....
I want to yell scream cry beg, I'm have been mad so mad....
My sister is a rock, I love her,she comes running out of left field , couldn't give a shit about anything else puts her nephew first, puts her energy right there at the palm of her hand for you to take like a hungry person with no questions...... Thanks for being here....

Its day 12 , what a ride you have given your moms and me. Your sister are beside themselves and they think your a goof for doing this..

Sticker are made for "hilton 2 fingers byrne" and we are gonna make sure every long boarders in ontario is wearing one...

Work is good, you are in so much shit mister if you think you can miss 2 weeks of work with out a doctors note....
Fight hard buddy I love you
GOOD MORNING.......(sigh)


  1. It's a new day Hilton, let's make it a good one. Give us something to go with today.....we are here for you......waiting. Come on buddy YOU CAN DO THIS!

    Jennifer, Mike, Colton and Avery

  2. I have prayed for you every day dear boy..Listen to your mom's and dad and all your family..Theyre talking you home little prince..Let thier voices bring your mind and heart back to them.We all love you and NEED you to listen Hilton..I know its hard to "listen" at your attempt at humour) but this time its so IMPORTANT..Praying every day..On my way to get photos of all of our family for you..Giving you 2 Fingers..and huge hugs to all