Wednesday, October 13, 2010


He played 1 2 3 4 I declare a thumb war




3 times

He won twice...

OMG.... The nurse called him a miracle kid.....

Cross your fingers every one and keep your prayers up...
He has passed out

He is still in ICU...

And he is one stong duded...

I love him so much....

My girls are spending the night with me Kat and Georg, and we will see you in the morning....
Signing off tired ,and optimistic.... Dad


  1. He probably let you win the third time, Tim. This is amazing!

  2. Tim and family

    Kris told me yesterday,
    everyone at the store is following this very closely.
    get asked hourly to check for new details
    Hilton is a great kid, praying he makes a full comeback
    If we can assist please call

    jeff salter / kenmark snowsports

  3. AMAZING!!! We've been watching and following the blog and passing info to ppl in the Hounsome Clan that aren't tech savvy...Stay Strong Hilton!!

    I'm not sure about the Byrne half but I know the Hounsome's are notorious for having hard head's and being darn stubborn =) Praying for you Hilton!

    (Seeing the pics of him make me realize he grew up...I still think about the little guy that I played with at family reunions with a sunny smile and would always ask me to come to his house to play lol)

    Penny, Tim and family...stay strong =) Hilton can't help but get better with such a team as all of you on his side =) We are all behind you cheering and if ever you needed anything we would gladly help

  4. Stopped in my tracks and started praying for you the moment I got the news Hilton! I also still picture you as a little kid.
    I remember your first day of kindergarten, me and Penny standing at the door looking in at you and Ryan. Penny was crying and I tried to make her feel better, but I don't think I succeeded.
    We know you're going to be fine - but it's a tough journey ahead!
    There are lots of people out there who love you so lots of prayers and positive thoughts are coming your way!
    Bit by bit, day by day, you'll be back living life before too long!
    all our love and prayers,
    John,Julie,Ryan and Erika Wood