Tuesday, October 12, 2010

...I want you to know...

Below are notes thoughts, "going ons"  and I will continue to send messages.

1)Written at 6pm thanksgiving day oct 11 2010

...I want you to know...

My son has been in a life/ death accident with massive head injury and is been on  life support and is in a coma for the last 19 hours......

The accident happen on his long baord ( skate baord)  monday at 12:30pm
In around wassaga beach.
3 hour drive from toronto.
He Was air lifted from wassaga beach to st. Mikes hospital arriving at 2;20pm
In 45 minutes.

He  is in a coma and bleeding on brain and kidneys/ liver and spline damage...

He is in ICU.

I love him and I'm scared to shit....

18 hours later we are waiting, ....
I will email you again when I have anything...
Pray for him please
2) Written oct 12 7am


I went to see him at 5:30am

Still on life support,  not awake from coma.

He's blood pressure went through the roof when I spoke to him and the nurse told me to stop and get ou
( I was susposed to be there but I needed to see him.

Visiting hours are 11am to 9pm immediate family only

I'm living at the cambridge suites hotel next door to the hospital suit 1611

Everybody pray+++
3) 8am oct 12

Josef from life line is opening a web site for hilton and giving me a place to write, discuss, share.... A blog ....

Hiltons girlfriend Nat is flying home from BC today ( she was there for vacation)
Don't send flower / balloon , Pot or any down ICU won't allow anything.

Do not call the hospital they will not give information.

Feel free to email me,
If you call me I won't pick up between 11am to 7pm
And 8pm to 9pm everyday cause that's visiting hours
For penny kellie and I.

Down at the hotel is a spare room / bed in my suite for anyone who comes and visit and need to crash.
His kidney has stopped bleeding.


  1. I want to thank everyone for their continued support and prayers. I love my love Son and have never been this scared in my entire life. He is slowly improving and I know He will be great. I just wanted to say Thanks to everyone.

    Penny (the Mom)

  2. I was so happy to hear the lastest news, It will only get better and better , heading over to Granny. Love Nanny

  3. Was with Granny an she was very elated to see the pictures and how Hilton has improved. Keep the posting up Tim Love you Mum

  4. Everyone here at Kenmark is thinking and praying for you Hilton.