Saturday, October 16, 2010

L.O.C. ( Read- important to understand)

Hey, hilton is the same:

Thats good... Pray..

As far as visiting today... Marathon and 404/DVP closed...

So our city is not so nice to drive in at the best of times, so if you don't come this weekend I / hilton will understand..

I will be going to aurora farmers market for 9am for a hour

Then fight traffic back down...

Today I move to more permanent home downtown right beside the hospital:

Recap hiltons health

He is intubate
( Getting help to breath)
He has pneumonia
He has ick in his lungs
he does not have any concious a awareness

LOC- important.

Over the next 4weeks the number one thing to look for in my blogg


What is his LOC,
Why is his. LOC
Why is his LOC this way?
When will it get better

When will it change

LOC / L.O.C.

Level. Of. Consciousness


This is what the doctors need to see if his brain is working...

But we can see if his brain is working until the little man gets rid of the ick, the fever and the pneumonia..

So let's get rest , get rid of ick fever and pneumonia and. So we can un sedate hilton and map his L.O.C.

So folks when you see me , kellie or penny as how is his LOC,

Rather then how is he doing.... That question just brings a emotional tsunami...

Deep breath , come to the farmers market in you community.... Farmers feed familys....

I love you

Ps : I wrote this one while driving...


  1. I know you are going to the market - can I bring anything to hep - dishes, knives for cutting, etc?