Sunday, October 17, 2010

Nap's while we wait.... I pray to god....

We waited and waited, to see him because they had to do a direct connection to a main vain cause his vains in his arms gave up...

They say its normal after 7 days and this new connection is better...
Health update:

•Full life support ( bad)

•new main vain I.V. ( They say its good)

•fever on and off ( ok)

•white blood cell count a little low ( bad)

•haemoglobin : 111 still (OK)

•he is finally on med's for his infections(bad)

•chest is clearer... ( Good)

•no L.O.C. ( Bad)

What does all this mean:
He is stable!
I wish I could offer more...
His brain can not heal till we get through all this shit.

He can not assess his brain damage unitl we get through this crap..
We are one to 3 weeks more ICU, so let's pace ourselves...

ICU is on full lock down

, escort only into ICU, kellie, penny or me....and don't forget KAT...

NO sick people please....

Always bring coffee or veggies and dip...

Note to all: dinner break 6:30pm to 8pm we won't be in the hospital...

And if you sow up at dinner you buy dinner...
St. Mike's now knows how many people love hilton...
It was so busy....

I'm keeping the party room for another month

Visiting hours...
11am to 9pm with a dinner..

Last note:

Dear Len

I could today feel your love, I could feel your heart being ripped out of your chest, as you watched hilton cough in silent pain. ( You are his grandfather)

scotty ( steph/ addi) and you have become a huge part of my family and hilton loves going out for pancakes , he loves being in your shop and seeing all the cool shit you build..

Thank you
Tim & hilti & kat...
Pray... I beg you god please help my son....


  1. We were there today Hilt - coming back when we can see you. Not that it was bad seeing the whole gang in the party room but we want to see the main attraction!

    Get better soon bud - maybe I see peanut butter cookies in your future!

    Jennifer & John

  2. Tim et al ;

    heard Kris and Carrie got down there last night.
    I am thinking of you (+family) and Hilton 24/7

    hoping for the best


  3. “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”

    Hilton is indeed deeply loved.

    You are in our thoughts and prayers.

    Ann and John