Friday, October 15, 2010

No call

No telephone call, and I did not call,
Stayed up til three
Woke up at 6am

No call...

What does this mean...?

Joyce ( our nurse) was on orders, if she ventilated hilton, she must call me..
Its 7:30am,
shift change....
We will have a new nurse.

I will do a "barge in" at 8:30

Good morning hilton
We love you....


  1. Katherine,

    If you need anything, please let me know. I can see that you have greater things on your mind. Family first. All the best for your family and your brother. I would not worry about school in the least. I can help you on whatever you will need when you get back.

    Mr. Lien

  2. Good Morning Hilton! We love you! :D

  3. I called the this morning @ 5:30 am.
    As Tim said all good news, Hilton coughed up a little more "stuff" they've been turning him more to get the fluid in the lungs to move.
    I'm exhausted, scared, stressed and feeling numb.
    I love my Son (and my daughter) My kids mean everything to me.

    Thank you everyone for your support. Positive thoughts and prayer can move mountains.

    Penny - the Mom.

  4. shreaded in the sun a bit, said a blessing in hilton's name.
    come on brother :) the community loves you and is behind you
    every step of the way.