Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Over night

His fever broke at 3am
Because they had a ICE blanket on him...

Hilton temp is under control for the time being...

Dr. Simone... ( I hope I did not wreck his name) has been in over night, they have sent out blood work to get as much data a possible to kill this bug he has..

If anybody knows hilton knows when he gets stressed he gets sick and usually gets a chronic. Cough from his right sinuses and it last 3 weeks..

OMG son... Please not this time... Please....

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  1. just like you i had to play the waiting game for a relative with a brain injury in St. Mikes ICU, and seeing all the ups and downs they take is really tough, wish there was something i could say to make it easier, but there isn't. All you can do is wait stay positive and focused and don't let it get you down to much, alot of people are behind you and ready to support you, so i'm sure if you need anything, just ask the community.