Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sleepless catch up notes... Not ketchup notes a mixed bag of dog shit on DAY:17

Its not easy to watch your own dreams when they are nightmares,
I love that penny , kellie and I are all on the same page, sometimes blended family are fuck up really bad ours is only crazy, not fuck up... Any one in a blended family knows what I mean...
Tonight is a weird night in the condo, cause julie and I are alone and I personally feel alone..... Really scared, I funny thing is I need to feel this way right now.
I have written so much in this blog and deleted, I have at leasts 10 drafts started but never finished...
An I have screamed so loud into my blackberry,.... But have never let you see it.
I hope that you give this site to some one, some one who has suffered , or some one who is just starting this journey, to show them they are not alone,

Cause even with all the great people pounding on my sons door, we feel SO incredibly alone so fuck up heart pounding , 5 year old in the dark with my wild imagination alone...
Its early in the morning, julie and long time 15 year friend of hilton sleeping in the other room, and I am to scared to move... Breathe..... Breathe, breathe, breathe..
Hiltons top five name he would call you to your face if he loved you....
( True byrne terms of endearment)
Retard, asshat, boobala,

You guys give me the other two...
And I won't be offended, anyone reading this.... Just to let you know what happens in the blog stays in the blog....and if your offend in anyway what so ever....... STOP FUCKING READING THE BLOG.... Wow is that simple... Heheheheheh
Ps: stan your wife is awesome, I did not forget you also came by last night I just couldn't work you in to the storey.... Cause it was come off my thumbs so fast, and I look at it after I posted... SORRY
Good morning hilton , waky waky...
( I'm gonna take a nap now

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  1. Thanks for the laugh this morning that was good, as for other names, i'm pretty sure i have heard
    Dumbass come out of Hilton at one point, and numbnuts should be in there as well, of course they are terms of endearment.