Saturday, October 16, 2010

Temp update

Temp down , freezer blanket is off

A little bit of light at the end of a long day...

Did ya know... There is one broken rib ... Makes you say uMmmmm!

Its dinner time,


  1. Neil Schroeder's Mum here: We had the pleasure of meeting Hilton when he stayed at our home a couple of summers ago. This kid shows up with a great bottle of wine and says"My Dad always said don't show up empty handed." He made a big impression on our family. I have talked about Hilton in my psychology classes here at my high school. Everyday now I get 150 kids asking about Hilton! It's great....lots of positive energy coming his way. On Monday I will inform them of LOC...

  2. I am praying all the time for Hilton, asking everyone I know to pray for him as well with all the prayers he will get better just takes time
    to heal. Long road ahead but strong boy you have and he will fight to get better. I saw you needed snacks I ordered boxes for chocolates from the
    Nestle factory will get to Penny this week and send down to you all. Love and prayers coming your way