Friday, October 22, 2010

Tim hortons coffee break

Hilti takes a large coffee one milk.... Kat, al and katie make good with the staff, and the are all wearing the uniform...hilton2finger uniform...


  1. Hi Tim,

    I have just learned of the news about Hilton, sending many get well soon's and may all the good spirits come to his aid!

    I am a childhood friend of Kathy Ludgate and just caught wind of the situation today, so I just wanted to send along an acknowledgment, keep up the fight and hope all woks out during this difficult time for you and your family! Get well Hilton!

    Marshall Hoare
    29 Connaught Ave

  2. so how long do you figure it will take to get the whole hospital staff over to the new Hilton t-shirt uniform?

    I forgot, i don't work there, but can i get one of those?

    Hangin in for you Hilton

    Emerson and Kid (Derek)

  3. Oh yea, Tim can i get your email address, i have an email to forward over to you.