Thursday, October 21, 2010


I stopped blogging
because penny and kellie kat and georg , kelly, katie and alex and natalie and l needed a team meeting , some time to reflect and drive to peterborough ( rice lake and back....

Deep breath...... Positive attitude, love passion..

Today we had a conversation. Dr. Lawless, a great man.. Who runs the ICU this week...

Hilton, beside the montage of thing he has to over come...
The largest thing for him to over come is the brain damage.

•Hilton will not be coming back to us as we knew him.. This is for sure...

•We must consider the worst case scenario. That hilton could be completely incapacitated for the rest of his life.... And even require a feeding tube being institutionalised
•we discussed removing him from life support and making him comfortable til the end

•We discussed completing a tracheotomy and giving him the chance to let his lungs heal...

•We have set a non resuscitate order in case anything happens...if penny and kellie and I are not there...

•we discussed hilton just waking up with a little bit of brain damage and live a new normal life...

Everything we discussed was overwhelming for us... ----------------------------------

I'm a stubborn man,
I will fight to the end, I need everyone last bit of prayer and energy, from all 20,000 people that have hit the site

Dear GOD and Hilton

I'm not fucking around ,
I need you both to help me with this journey
for I have never been down this path before.

I want hilton and I to do the right thing, together, and I know we will work together

Hilton Alexander Byrne you better tell me what to do when the time is right.

Your are my little buddy, I love you, god bless don't let the bed bugs bite.,,

Now for all the bloggers.. Stop crying...... I don't need tears...
The time is now.... to fight for him,
with prayer and positive attitude,
love him
squeeze him,
give him everything you got...
He is a fighter,
we just have to force him to feel it...
To come back to us...
Now let's do this thing right and push the energy...your prayers deep in his heart.

I'm a fighter, so fuck you I don't lose very often and I'm not given up that easy, not yet..
John my nurse ( I love john) and I have a pact that he is gonna come back and take care of hilton on saturday, And talk with me before we make any huge choices...

John is a strong man caring and kind , smart and has been in the ICU for a long time...
He thinks hilton is a kick ass kid who just needs time..

God bless john...
....Now hilton stop fucking around and get angry and beat this fucking thing I'm not leaving with out you...

I love you... Hilton, This ranks right up there in the top 10 shitty days of my life.....


  1. I have no words to comfort you but I have prayers. I have optimism too. I am pulling for you to continue to be strong and to be able to cope on a daily basis. Your love for Hilton is unbelieveable and I admire your honesty and willingness to share (many of us strangers) in such a diffult time. Prayers continue for you all.
    ~ Claire

  2. Please Pray!!!! Prayer in numbers is HUGE!! God says "Ask and you shall receive". There is power in prayer and Hilton needs prayer. He needs prayer to come home to his family. Please everyone, on Friday if you can stop what you are doing at 10:00am, 12:00pm, 6:00pm and 10:00pm and say a prayer for Hilton's healing.. it will go a very long way! He needs your prayers...Please!!!!It is something all of us can do in a time of helplessness. THANK YOU!

  3. You've had all my positive energy being sent your way from the start, but I'm mustering up every prayer I have around me now for Hilton. You're the strongest family I know, with the most love and compassion. Only good can come from that.

  4. Full of love. You are carrying us all along with you. All the fathers and all the mothers who are listening and holding their own children tight and reminding ourselves of our grace. We are with you. Keep the love strong and the miracles at hand. - Andy

  5. We pray, for love and grace, We pray for strength, guidance, courage and healing.
    Your are not alone

    Gwen and Peter

  6. I couldn't even begin to imagine what you are going through. What I can see first hand is the support system and the love that is pouring out to Hilton and his family. I didn't know Hilton well, I met him once...but I can see he is a very loved individual, and there are many people pushing for him. I will continue to send my prayers your way, and rest assured, no matter what happens and what decisions are made, you know what's best for Hilton, and we will stand behind you every step of the way. Stay strong, keep are his backbone for now, and we are all extremely proud of you and your family for showing such strength. You have brought us all closer together, and there is no greater gift then love. You and your family are an inspiration. ~love and prayers~

  7. Hilton, stop being an Eeyore and get your Tigger on the fight is within you let it shine. Tim and family prayers and positive energy with you all. You are strong and we are all sending our energy and all the positive vibes we can.

  8. I like squirrel's idea. I'll be getting everyone in my house to stop @ 6 to pray and send positive enegy to Hilton.