Thursday, October 14, 2010



Lots of ick on his lungs,

Blood cells 100% oxygeninated

But if we turn down the oxygen... It changes other levels...

So oxygen stays at 60% in take to keep Cells at 100%
He is breathing totally on his own ( good thing)

We need to watch hilton closely... Because we don't want to go backwards...

If it stays the same .... It good enough for right now..

He is not a wake...

He likes to hold hands , but only on the left...
Two fingers....
Two fingers...

He is going to be be called hilton two fingers byrne... When he is done...

All the kids..
Katie , Kat. Alex and georg are all here....
Natalie , her mom and sister they brought food... Yeah... ( Not for hilton. Sillies)

And we wait... And wait
and wait...

In the ICU of st. Mikes hospital...

This is a tough day...

Keep sending messages please the kids , grand parents ,

Ps: a really cool canadian story.... A US hospital told a laday and her husband to back to toronto to st. Michaels hospital to have the surgery ..... We get shit on all the time about our system... We are luck... At this point no one has even asked for a OHIP card and insurance card, a credit card....NOTHING, I even said do you need anything and all they said was "why...??? And hilton has had nothing but five star service....

And again we WAIt...

Send message and prayers cause I need more energy to get him out of this ICU unit

Ps: rhonda our daytime Nurse pure PRO... All of them have been great...GREAT

We love you Hilton...


  1. Hurrah for good nurses! =D Sending positive thoughts and energy towards all of you!

  2. Hilton,
    You are doing great, keep it up.
    We need you to show us all what you can do.
    Our thought and prayers are with you.
    God speed my friend.

  3. i don't know exactly what to say, the only thing i know is that this isn't going to phase him for too long, he's a strong guy.
    you're going to beat this thing man.
    sincerely, that idiot in the blue sweater who started the wave

  4. Hilton, you're doing just fine buddy. Hang in there and we'll help you pull through.
    The power of love to change bodies is legendary, built into folklore, common sense, and everyday experience. Love moves the flesh, it pushes matter around.... Throughout history, "tender loving care" has uniformly been recognized as a valuable element in healing. ~Larry Dossey

  5. Hi guys, it's Penny -the Mom
    I got to help Rhonda change Hilton's IV line today. At last I feel useful. First time in 3 days. I got to help my son in the smallest increment. It felt like I moved a mountain.
    I keep saying it. But thanks for all the support
    I love you Hilt. Can't wait to see you eyes open


  6. I am also holding you left hand. Al and I are praying for you. All my girls friends in Stouffville are sending you their positive vibes and energy. Hey this is powerful stuff, it can move mountains. I know this to be true. You are a strong willed young man, have many many friends sending you LOVE and STRENGTH and your "girl power team" seem to be amazing. Your dad has been great to allow us to stay close to you and keep us posted on your amazing progess. We know you are in there. Hilton draw strength from all of us.....we are here to give you what you need.

    ladies you have the strength!!!

  7. As soon as they'll let contaminated ruffians like ourselves in there, we'll come and see you dude! Amazing steps, it's great to tune in and be given positive news. Happy Vibes wafting your way dude.

  8. Hilton, you are doing great and we know you'll continue to get better and better. I'm missing our chit-chats at work and I have no one to give my other half of my morning bagel to so you better get back here soon!! Sure glad we have this blog to keep us all updated. My thoughts and prayers are with you ... big hugs.