Friday, October 22, 2010

What should I say,

What a special boy.... I had know idea how many people he has touched, I have met so many people this last week...

Great people...

His white blood cell count is great his temp is stable, his haemoglobin is solid, he heart rate is lower....

He is calm. Relaxed...
And we wait.... Wait and wait..... For my buddy

Penny and I Went for a long walk today, and talked about our son, his good looks and charm.... Which by the way I don't need to tell you. Where he gets his good looks from ;)

Penny, kellie and I love all the visitors and the positive support.... With the focus on hilton.... And hilton only... And...... "we don't appreciate crazy people" says kat ( weird...) not that the whole family is crazy.... Meds for everybody!!!

hehe hehe.

Hilton we love you

God bless sweet dreams don't let the bed bugs bite..

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  1. Tim, Kellie, Penny and family,
    Finally made it home and I wanted to take a moment to show my husband Hilton's blog and have him meet some of my new ICU family. I must admit that I'm having the hardest time being away from the ICU. Although I'm not physically there my heart, thoughts and prayers are there with my brother and your Hilton. I'll be back on Monday and whatever the updates are for both of our boys we'll navigate it together.
    I wish us all rest tonight,
    Emily & Marc (Ottawa)