Wednesday, October 20, 2010

3:42 pm Slow updates

I left the hospital today, just for 3 hours and left kellie his step mom in control, she is the best!!!!

And of course the minute I left his fever goes through the roof and they move beds... WTF,

Thank god john is his nurse today, thanks denise...

Ok... Fever finally broke. He is on a ice blanket... But its coming down..

I'm almost back, thanks to kellie and kat... That kept me in the loop....

And we wait,,,,,

102.1 the edge...

Everybody should email 102.1 and have them talk about the national this weekend

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  1. Hey Tim, Shaun here.

    I'll be heading down to see you guys after work on friday again, however I'll likely be arriving between 7 and 8. Should I just wait until 8 to show up or is there a good place to meet you before that?