Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Health watch


White blood cell count: a little high - 13 ( should be 8) but in trauma

Temp: 37 ( its a little crazy still)

Loc: over night he did give two fingers... Once,,, which means some where deep inside that thick byrne head he is still with us...

But this morning none...
Hilton (3am)has be heavily sedated over night because his heart rate has been high for a few days... And despite everyone said its ok... I'm glad its lower...

This ( 11am) morning he is not sedated: but is not responding..

Blood culture were sent out. Wednesday 3am

That means friday at 3am we will get results back... Which mean by friday at dinner time we start again..

His right sinus is clogged.. Deh, no shit... The boy suffers with sinus issues...

hilton, I know you can here me... So if there is anything you can do inside there to work your way out... Feel free to HELP.

God give me the strength so I can give it to hilton...
Kellie is in charge today, don't mess with her.....

John his nurse was the nurse from the first 4 hours when we arrived and I think he is great... Strong , give a shit kind a guy..


  1. Tim and Kellie:
    We can't imagine what you are going through as we are reading your blog. We are extremely moved and wish Hilton to be better with everyday. He seems like a strong kid with real substance!
    He cannot have better parents in his corner and it sounds like you are the strength he needs in these trying times.
    Our hearts go out to him and to both of you.
    You all are in in our thoughts
    Rick and Sandra Turola. (Peter's parties)

  2. Tim Kellie and family

    Just a note, you are in our thoughts and prayers.... Together you are strong.

  3. Thank bigPuppy
    for your support for my Son

    Penny- the Mom