Thursday, October 14, 2010

Good morning:

Let's get some new perspective on hilton
The here and now...

He is 68 hours in ICU,

At 72 hours, doctors are willing to concede that he is going to live.
( Not that the haven't said he not going to make it, but hearing "let's be happy with now.." not what a parent wants to hear)
What we know...

He is a sleep,

being woken up every hour to see if he can follow any audio commands.

his brain is not swollen, he has blood in his urine, remember, his kidneys, liver spleen have damage

He has fluid on his lungs

He has some bleeding on his brain

His right year is damaged,

Doctors have been so focused on keeping him a live that all the stuff listed is stable but no really prognosis has been made or any plans... Cause keeping him alive was the only thing st. Mikes cares about...
And that is a good thing

ME to, and the 3200+ hits on the site, the 400++ regular visitors , and the 30+ subscribers. And the 10 countries watching my notes pics and stories..

I hope as my emotions get calm, and, so does my spelling and grammar cause I can't believe any one can read a thing...sorry
We are leaving the hotel and going for a barge in visit.... The nurses hate this
Ps- this is nat...I love hilt so much, he refuses to be defeated and were so unbelievable proud of him
I barge in ... I love Rhonda the nurse .... Rhonda said hilton followed audio commands all night but he has stopped following them in the last waking...

She said he is tired and this is normal he has been woken up all night...

My mom ( nan) calls me and said her and gran love this posting and want to make sure no one thinks we are a charity case... Any money collected are for hiltons rehab.. And we are going to keep a huge portion of the funds for future needs of future long baorders.... ( The crazy sweet , kind bunch...)
Funds will go to:
•health and safety of the sport
•help other when they get hurt
After this is all over we will sit down as a group...

We just finshed breakfest at NAT;s house, with her sisters,

HILTON is gonna be so pissed with this.... We took some photos to itch his ass later.....
See ya at the hospital.....


  1. Tim. I'm on my way down, See you all soon

    Penny - The Mom

    Love the pics, looks like breakfast was yummy