Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hilton has pneumonia,
there going to get it in control over the next 48 hours,

This can happen... And as long as we can get it under control fast... Its ok..
Hilton is reacting to audio question 2/3 times constantly, sustainable, so that's good,
they made him sit up even though he was unconscious
As his brain does not know up and down... And he has to learn this...
HAPPY 72 hours
Its like a birthday..
He is coughing more ( good)

Dietician has come in??

Physical Rehabilitation person?

Ears noise and throat doc. Yet to come...

Brain dude tomorrow and another CT on friday,

Rhonda ( Hilton nurse)
Is educating me...

Hilton can't speak and is not awake.... But he is not in a coma...

they ( rhonda) does force his eyes, open..... By yelling at him... Every hour...

TWO fingers this is hilton task...
The nurse says every hour

Two fingers... Hilton , wake up hilton give me two fingers...on your left hand...

Come on hilton give me two fingers...

When he does it ,it is the most wonderful thing , its like your child's first step...

Kim .... Thanks for starbuck....

Bob .... Said he would do my laundry...sweet...
Little starch on the undies

Kathy said she would pray and get a pedi- what courage...

Honest... Thanks you...

Everyone, this journey has

Be long and we have just started

Long board dudes are the best... Please,

hilton need to know your there... Send messages... please...
Time stands still,

ICU @ st. Mike's ROCKS...



  1. Hilton, what a ride you are having right now. Thanks to this blog we are riding along with you. Thank you, Tim for the updates, they are much appreciated. You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. See you soon. Jancie

  2. Keep it up, I know you have it in you man.

  3. Back again to see what strides our boy has made happy to see all things are positive. Thinking of you all often

    Jennifer, Mike, Colton & Avery

  4. It's great to read his progress. You guys are really strong, what a beautiful family. Keep it up!

  5. I don't know you all personally, I found this link through a mutual friend, and I cannot believe the courage your family has. Circumstances like this are tragic, but you sound like you all have the power and the wills to pull through. Hilton sounds like an amazing young man, and being a 'crazy' longboarder, I am sure he will have the guts and the stamina to pull through this. Keep strong, I am hoping and praying for the best.

  6. Keep it up Hilton!! Thanks for posting updates for us...we are hoping and praying along with all of you