Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Hilton roller coaster

I'm gonna open a theme park, in Hilton honour

Please keep your arms and legs in and stay seated at all times during the ride.

Let pray we take one more step today...

Hilton health up date around 12 noom today

As I have been realing over all the other stuff hilton and doctors have been doing...

Ok team hilton.... I need enough prayers to keep infection away from the boy until this saturday.... No infection no intubation ( lifesupport) it means he can breath on his own...

So todays prayers is all about " no germs" " breathing on his own"



  1. My seatbelt is fastened and I'm on for the duration! With prayers for all of you.

    Anna Marie

  2. Hope and prayers are on their way....
    We all believe, so great things are going to happen.
    Peter and Gwen

  3. Great news to wake up to today! We'll continue praying and believing! Julie & John