Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day 9 hilton health update

•Haemoglobin: 112 ( good/ normal is 130 bad is 70)

•Temp: up small fever

•Pneumonia: still there

•Ick watch: more ick : he can't come of life support until it clears.

•Flu: colds; he is on meds for 24 hours and another three day will clear that

•Brain injuries: won't no until we do an MRI

•Liver/ kidney and spleen: all stable.
He is not alert enough to clear his own ick form his chest and they won't Stop intubating until his chest clears.

There might be a window to complete a MRI- be honest I'm kinda scared to get one... I don't really want to know...
I just want to love him, I don't want think
I want to focus all my positive energy on my buddy

•Roger is his nurse today he comes with 11 years experience.... I ask for his resume , and told him how important the job was:

I'm with kellie and penny today.. And all the kids are on there way...

I will keep you up to date...

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