Monday, October 18, 2010

Horoscope for hilton today

TAURUS (April 21 - May 21): Your imagination will be working overtime today, but in a good way. For best results, focus only on positive thoughts and keep in your mind's eye the picture of what you are hoping will come about. It will happen quite quickly.

Success is often a matter of perspective. You may feel as though you have failed at something, or that you are hopelessly inept at pursuing a special goal. But in fact you have come quite far compared to others who have attempted the same thing. The very fact that your heart is in it, and that you have tried and you are hopefully still trying is enough to make you a success. But there is more, Taurus. You are closer than you realize to an important goal. Don't give up.
I know horoscopes are crazy.....


  1. That's no bull (sorry for the pun Tim)! I believe horoscopes are like prayers...the more you believe in them the more they can manifest into our desires, hopes and goals. Ask, Believe, Receive. The requirement is that you must give to get. Although I don't know Hilton, reading and seeing all the outpouring of love on the blog the past painful week convinces me that he is a good dude, friend, brother and son that gives so much. When I come up to visit your Dad, I too will be fortunate to meet you. So, get well soon, Hilton, and trust your horoscope and prayers.

    Bob from the States