Monday, October 18, 2010


God bless all the Doctors, as we have been told

Hilton is not going to die...

He is still fighting a lot of stuff but the doctors believe they have everything under control,

Kellie , penny and I met with doctors today and the told us a lot of stuff, but everything became a blur when they told US hilton was going to live.

So as my heart slows down I will geive a hilton health update...

Stan , your huge fruit basket showed up just as the doctors told us almost like you planned it...


  1. It's so wonderful to hear that from the doctors! It makes it easier to breathe.

  2. That is music to everyones ears. Nothing like a smile at the end of a long day

    Jennifer, Mike, Colton & Avery

  3. So relieved to hear the positive news. We'll be back in Aurora tomorrow night and will be coming by for a visit on Wednesday.

    Positive thoughts and prayers...see you soon.

    Ann and John

  4. Hilton you have cleared the first hurtle! I know you can do more! keep it up buddy!

  5. That is absolutely amazing news. Stay strong guys. Will visit soon

  6. Congratulations, it is good to hear about a turn for the better. keep positive and get some rest, it's been a long haul.

    Man i can't stop thinking about that fruit basket now, it looks so good