Thursday, October 21, 2010

New comers

Please go to the first entry, and see what happened....

For the 1000 other people hang on to your hat, its gonna be a long hilly road.

So for 17000 ++ that have hit hilton sit in 7 days... Sweet.. The support rocks..

georg, kat , kellie, penny and I are so greatful, hilton can feel the power of positive energy...

I love you hilton...


  1. Hilton has a loving,courageous and supportive family who draw strength from each other. Nat is finding inner strength and is making me so proud. My prayers continue for Hilton and for Georg, Kat, Kellie, Penny and you Tim - Dad & Hilton's Champion. My Our Lord grant you continued strength and patience.

    Anna Marie

  2. Very positive energy is flowing out there for Hilton. My wife, along with most of the other Reiki practitioners in Ontario are doing what they can to help.