Thursday, October 21, 2010


So his temp is under control, hsi heart rate is fast... But that's ok cause right no his eyes are open... His L.O.C. Is low.... And is lower then it should be for this time period of his treatment...

Sinus and opnemonia and all the other stuff is there but under control

His nurse JOHN rocks...

Please everyone make big push for prayers and positive energy... Please.. Its seems we jave work so. Hard... But the hard part has yet to come... So please everyone push...

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  1. What a site to see all the guys at your door last night to support Hilton he has a great group of strength and support. Just warms the heart to see. Guys make sure you are safe and careful when on your ride. Hilton will just love it, He has to get better soon with all the love and prayers being sent his way.
    Prayers coming to all of you.