Sunday, October 17, 2010

Slow, painful emotional waiting

So health update:

Fever is under control , not gone, comes in waves

•He has two nasty germs that the cultures came up with, the doctor are rethinking his Med's to get them under control. Start new med's

•( No more bleeding, his urine is clean.... I didn't tell anyone yesterday cause I was worried... But its better I can tell you)

•haemoglobin: 111 ( down from a high of 120- but still good.... Just so you know a health non injuries adult is 130 / 140

•his chest xray is cleaner...

•pneumonia is still there, he needs more days...

•L.O.C.: he is not responding to commands..


Its after lunch:

friends and family come a go.. Sharing storey and love... I loving having people here,

My mother came with water work full blast... She has the uglest cry-e face ever... My mom wears her emotions on her sleeve...but she is strong...


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