Sunday, October 17, 2010

Nationals: oct 23 /24 IGSA

In picton prince edward county

Mike ( I believe he is the "smooth chicken")

Wants to make sure hilton is not forgotten about
And safety head...

So he is known as "2fingerburn"

Anybody wearing 2 pink rings.... 2 pieces of tape on. There leathers/ gloves / board.....

Or if jen my graphics girl can get a small 1" dot in pink. With a capital "H" in black with the number 2 and the word safety with it

The boys said the would come by pick them up.. Bring.1000 of them....


I love you boys... Great ideas.... Crazy long boarders....

Maryann/ jen / robin ... Chris from northland... Gonna need some help...

BE COOl, and fast....


  1. I'm in, are we using our regular shade of pink? Can I text you a layout tomorrow for approval and I'll get them printed this week for you?


  2. Is pink part of the "he's going to hate me for this blog"? I don't want him to think we made a fool of him and wore pink cause we thought he liked it...although, it would be kind of funny.

  3. Pink is a mainstay in Hilton's life whether he likes it or not......that poor boy is surrounded by it every is good!