Sunday, October 17, 2010


We can even measure his LOC... With that damn fever...

And all those meds....

I'm scared to call the hospital tonight.....

I can't sleep.

Here is a question about hilton:
What's his favourite drink with dinner?

Come on everyone.... Other then Kat ( kat you can't answer)


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  2. That is a good question... I have NO idea. I do however have a random memory of Hilton when he was at UBCO. Instead of having his bed on the bed frame, he put the matress on the floor and called it "a sleeping machine" and used the bed as a shelf for his board and textbooks.

    Stay strong. And here is a long distance hug from a friend of Hilton's in BC.

  3. You don't have a sleeping machine? You should really look into it. Boards work far better there than a bookshelf, or the wall.

  4. I know! I know!!

    am I allowed to answer......

    Penny - the Mom