Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wake buddy


Fever gone
( Got really high over night denise got it down)

Chest sounds clear

Chest X-rays done ( they do one every morning). We know more about that in a few hours...

He has had NO L.O.C.

He is stable. And not in pain...

With one broken rib...

Good morning SON.

Hilton s favourite drink at dinner is MILK..
About 1 to 2 litres

Dear GOD, please continue to give my son the strength to find his way home to his family.....

( This is where we play the national anthem and yell... PLAY BALL)

My joking around on this blog and the pics...

I want everyone to know , how close I am to my son, and respect him, he will be pissed off when he sees this YES,
but he would expect nothing less,

Hilton and I are so much a like and so close, he will appreciate all the comments jokes and funny stuff....silly and stupid sarcasm..

Hilton is a strong guy who loves fighters,
Hilton is a sensitive boy who is quietly loyal,

He either likes you or hates you... No middle ground And you probable don't know.. Because he is to respectful....

He would follow me personally into a black hole and ask me know questions....
And I now I will follow him.....

I love you hilton Come Home


  1. Doing some work from home this morning and thinking of Hilton ... lots of prayers last night. Big hugs Tim!!

  2. What a rough night, glad things have improved this morning a bit and his chest is clearer. You are a great team Tim, Hilton will wake up and give it right back to least for the pink slipper picture :)

    Hugs to you all, praying for a better day.

    Jennifer, Mike, Colton & Avery

  3. I'm sure Hilton knows what a team he has backing him! My Nana, who lived to be 98 always gave little pearls of widom to us, depending on the situation. Unfortunately, she was in your shoes on more than one occassion. She said, "always talk like you know they are listening and sing any meaningful tune that you shared, to them as often as you can. Music has a powerful connection quality."
    We are saying prayers for all of you right now cause everybody could use a little help from above. glad you are all there to support each other! Julie,John,Rayn and Erika Wood

  4. was a rough night last night. He will come home to you, and I am sure he will appreciate all that you are doing for him right now. Continue to have faith. He will pull through.

  5. Tim, I finally figured out how to use this blog for messaging. I am Natalie and Ivi's aunt and Anne Marie's sister-in-law. I've met Hilton several times.

    Please know many prayers are being sent your way for Hilton to heal; for you and your family to be able to cope with the ups and downs of each day; and for strength for all of you. Prayers are also said for the doctors and nurses caring for Hilton.

    I live out of town but know I look at this blog regularly -- thank you for your heartfelt feelings and honesty on this blog. Hilton is lucky to have a loving, protective and supportive dad like you.

    Sending love and support your way.....