Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday morning

KENMARK ski and bike shop and they're staff are raising money... Big bucks...
( Shameless plug... They did not ask for)

And hilton worked part time there for years and we , my famliy feel like we have great friends at kenmark

Chris knew about hiltons accident within 8. Hours via a all the " crazy long boarders" forms and chats

Thanks chris and carrie...
Come visit us anytime


  1. Not only was it the staff Tim, it was that crazy longboarding family you keep speaking about! They are in this for Hilton and for you and your family. They raised the funds, we just pitched in! :)

    The longboarding family is one of a kind!

    Go Hilton Go!!!

    Carrie and Kris!

  2. Tim and family,

    With the Canadian Nationals now less than a week away, I was thinking we could do something for Hilton amongst the racers. Could also be for head trauma in general, etc...but following the way of his new nickname, two fingers, which we have dubbed "2 finger burn".

    I thought it might be apt for us all to put a coloured tape or something like that on 2 fingers of our gloves. Does Hilton have a favourite colour? Otherwise It will be whatever colour I can find the most of.