Monday, November 1, 2010

Classic story from KELLIE.......whalen/byrne

Anyone who knows Hilton knows how much he loved his Jeep.
He bought it and it leaked everywhere, the window was stuck open, and if you opened the passenger door, good luck getting it closed again...but it was all his and he loved it!
Pulling into my driveway this morning and seeing his lonely Jeep parked there sparked a memory for me..and made me smile.

Tim, Hilti and I are driving down Yonge St. in Tim's Jeep (yes, a jeep just like Hilti' father, like son!) ......Hilti is 3 and sitting in the backseat in his booster seat. We stop at a light and as Tim accelerates forward, the back hatch opens, and all the stuff in the back of the Jeep falls out onto Yonge St. As Tim stops the car, Hilti looks back at the mess and then turns to look at us and calmly says , "shit".

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