Tuesday, November 30, 2010

From kellie-mom Hiltons step mom for 17 years, a story about Hiltons one and only semester in university and kellie went to visit.......

When Hilton went out to UBC I went out to Kelowna to visit him mid way through the semester. Hilton loved BC and his time at the university.
He was really excited to show me his room ( I'm sure it took him all day to clean it!) , and his most recent longboarding video. He loved the campus which is sort of situated on a hill because he could ride his longboard to classes. He did so much longboarding there, that I remember him telling me that he felt like his calves were lopsided....that one had become far more muscular and his jeans felt tighter on the one leg.
I took him out for lunch and shopping for some food and other stuff he needed. I remember we saw the Kings of Leon cd and he told me that I needed to buy it..that I would love it....so I did. We got back in the car, and heading back to the university, we listened to it....and he was right, I did love it....I still do, and makes me think of him whenever I hear it.
When I brought him back to his room, I went in with him and I noticed a book he had on his shelf. It was a book that I had heard of and was interested in reading and I asked him about it. He told me he really liked it and I picked up the book to take a look at it. As he was giving me a summary of what it was about, I opened the front cover and one, lone rolling paper fell out and fluttered slowly down to the floor. He stopped talking, got flustered...I think he blushed a little...and quickly picked it up and stuffed it in his pocket. He quickly changed the subject.
It made me smile...I miss him.

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  1. Surprising Kellie, his room wasn't all that bad normally. Nothing a quick repositioning of laundry to take it out of site couldn't fix. He hated mess in his room. I think that was mostly because of the smell of rotting fries that came from his roommates room. He refused to let his room get like that.