Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Invite to the church and reception / party after. ( And to speak if you wish....)

if you never met hilton personally
or if you were his best friend,

We want everyone to meet everyone else and hear the story
of HILTON...
And become
for LIFE....
NOVEMBER 5th 2010

3:00pm at
The united church in aurora, ontario , canada...
For a formal service...

15186 yonge st. ( Main street aurora...

And then at 4pm till... When ever...
( Presentation at 6pm)
We are all going to
400 Industrial parkway South,
Aurora ontario
L4g 6w7
( This is 2 minutes away)

The banquet hall is called "THE MANSION"
And can fit hundreds of people to
Come join Hiltons mother(s) father, sister(s) and family for
the biggest ,
the best
The most fabulous
celebration of life,
ever in
the HISTORY of the

We have gone to great effort
and created an opportunity to show everyone hiltons zest for life,
and his
WORK HARD passion...

Please Come!!!!
Penny, Kellie and Tim....
Ps: if you want to speak.

kellie, Penny and I would love if you did...
please come forward contact me via tbyrne@stadia.ca...
We love to hear those cute, funny warm stories...

Notice will be going in the globe and mail, star, era banner and the aurorian soon...

Please tell everyone...

Long board dudes... You better show up... With stoke....
Show hiltons grandparents what a great bunch you really are...

Your goal: bring. Pic's or vids.. Of hilt , On disc to play...

Love T-dog... ( That's dans title for me)
Taking donations at the door at the Mansion
For the
HILTON BYRNE foundation..
Being set up to supply helmets to new boarders, making the sport safe and setting up permitted road time... "Longboard4life"

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