Monday, November 1, 2010

The connaught brat pak by Taylor McKay

A flash back to the good old days:

Growing up on Connaught was definitely the best childhood a kid could ask for. There are countless games, stories, and memories that I couldn't fit onto this page even if i tried. Some memorable moments include the following:
I remember one New Years eve us kids were hanging out at Robin and Gary's and we were blindfolding eachother and making eachother eat gros combinations of foods. Hilton thought it would be funny to feed me cherry lip smackers on a cracker.. yum.
I remember playing on the Byrne's front lawn and getting into a huge argument with Hilton and Kat about where babies come from. It ended with me crying and running home. (I'm telling you going to a Catholic school messes with your mind sometimes!)
Kat and I were always closer friends but when Kat refused to play pokemon with me Hilton never refused.
Katherine and I were not to touch or play with Hilton's race car track without him there but it was seriously my favourite toy in the house!
I could probably still get from my backyard to my front yard without the motion-sensor light coming on (the infamous sneak attack game!) and remember all the best hiding places for a game of cops and robbers.

I'm sure any of the connaught avenue kids would agree with me when I say that our childhood wouldnt have been the same without Hilton and it has been an honour to have been his friend. Here's to the good times we shared, the memories we made, and the friends we will keep in our hearts forever. The Connaught avenue Brat Pack won't be the same without you Hilton!
We love you.

Taylor McKay

Taylor McKay

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